12 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Bali

1. Their standard power sockets are two-pin round plug, so you need to bring an adapter for your phone chargers, etc. In case no one ever reminded you this before your flight to Bali, you can just buy adapters widely sold around though.

2. Motorbikes (scooter) fill up the most space in their roads as it is the primary mode of transportation in Bali. You can rent for as low as 66,000 Rupiah (PhP300) per day. But remember that you should be driving on the left side of the road, while car drivers are seated on the right side. If you’re lucky, you will need to show an international license in case policemen conduct checkpoints. Good luck.

3. Even if Bali is composed mostly of Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim community, lechon is actually available there. They call it “Babi Guling”.

4. You won’t see plastic straws, instead, they’re using either bamboo or stainless straw because Indonesia is totally a no-plastic country. If you forget to bring your own bag when you go shopping, just hope your bought items fit in your pockets.

5. WhatsApp is their preferred and most used communication app, not Messenger nor Viber. Contacting locals, drivers for example, may require you to either install WhatsApp or purchase new SIM CARD because your Globe and Smart is useless there.

6. Although there are Money Changers in every corner of Bali, exchange your money from Pesos to Indonesian Rupiah while in the Philippines. Some of the money changers there have very low exchange value.

7. I hope you enjoy songs without lyrics because it’s an island of instrumental music. While you only hear it in spas here in the Philippines, instrumental music is on-loop playback in hotels, stores, restaurants, and buses. What a peaceful life.

8. Everywhere and along the streets you can find ‘canang sari’ – one of the colorful set of food as daily offering made by the Balinese Hindus.

9. If Philippines have 7-Eleven, Bali has Indomaret and Circle K every 10 steps apart.

10. Balinese is different from Indonesian. For easier life, you can just choose to learn and remember Indonesian language since it is their national language. All Balinese understand Indo but not all Indonesian understand Balinese.

11. When shopping, always negotiate the price, even those with a fixed price. As they say, “bargain no problem”.

12.  Unlike Philippines where some websites are still solving our boredom, you cannot access all Porn Sites in Bali. Please don’t ask how I knew that. HAHA

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