Done with Lake Janagdan

Lake Janagdan is a crater lake 1,120 miles above sea level occupying the caldera of Mount Janagdan, a dormant volcano in the north-central part of the island of Leyte.

The time we conquered Lake Janagdan in 2018 was a time where I was caught up with my schedule. I just came from a Limasawa Island adventure, went straight to trekking, and attended major engagement as Speaker afterwards.

Because of that, I wasn’t able to write for a blog. (Huhu) Instead, I just created a chronologically arranged the photos in an album in Facebook and captioned each of them.

I know… I know that a blog story has better layout, presentation, and feel while reading. Nevertheless, you can still get the glimpse of the fun and excitement of our Lake Janagdan journey here.

One response to “Done with Lake Janagdan”

  1. […] I will discuss the routes, please also consider going to Alto Peak and Lake Janagdan if you haven’t been there yet. Extend your stay to visit other wonders of barangay Cabintan […]


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