Representing Philippines in 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Scotland, United Kingdom.

Hi, I’m Jhay!

Seasoned Speaker. Communication Specialist.

Speaking Engagements

Events and trainings managed

Years of experience

“Very knowledgeable about the topic, very effective speaker that makes us listen very well.” – Sobres Tan

He inspired me to bring out the best version of myself, to keep driven with my goals, and to continue doing the things I love and make it more effective. He was able to influence the participants. – Reygean Arique

“No time was put to waste, touches everyone’s heart. Talks about facts and not mere opinion.” – Neil Niño Pabilan

Couldn’t ask for a better Personal Effectiveness resource person than Doc Jhay! – Paolo de la Torre

More time please! We enjoyed the training! – Gravela Rele

“I like how he gets the attention of the participants and keep the training as fun as possible. Thank you Doc!” – Daniel David Elacion

I like him because he is so knowledgeable in his craft. He is efficient. – Christine Tan Adlawan

The best mentor ever! – Fe Apuya


  • Leadership and management
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Journalism and Technical Writing
  • IT, Media, and Communications
  • Public speaking and Presentation skills
  • Children and Youth development
  • Project pitching and Proposal making
  • Financial literacy
  • First-aid and Basic Life Support
  • DRRM, Climate Action, and SDG
  • Event management

Dr. Gaspar is one of the renowned speakers in region 8 of the Philippines. He has spoken in the biggest colleges and universities in the region since 2015. He is regularly invited to share best practices on Youth Development, train government and non-government employees on Personal Effectiveness, and serve as consultant on the formulation and review of annual plans, among others.

His distinct advantage lies in his presentation style and methodology centered on the learning of the participants, where his interactive sessions and structured sessions not only equip the audience technically but also holistically influence them to be the best version of themselves.


Cebu City and Region VII
Ormoc City and Region VIII


Government Agencies
NGOs and CSOs
Private Organizations


Training / Capacity-building
Event Management
Life Coaching and Mentoring
Policy review
Team-building facilitation

Finding inspiration from different parts of the world.

Dr. Gaspar holds a Public Administration PhD and finished post-doctorate study centered on Climate Risk Planning for Sustainable Development in the University of the Philippines, with High Distinction. He also earned degrees in IT, Event Management, Life Coaching, and Data Science.


Cebu City

Very knowledgeable of the topic he presented. Very inspiring and credible resource person of the topics since all of the things he talked about is based on facts, and his achievements. – Anamarie Quisagan

Very expert on his presentation. Has deep knowledge and wisdom on the topics discussed. – Engr. Ivan Ted Pangilinan

Resilient, influential in a great way. Giving 100% energy and resources (knowledge, etc.) for us to have maximum learning. Not a bare minimum person. Always accelerating, better than yesterday. ★★★★★ – Catherine Francisco

This resource speaker is a living proof that an individual is capable of becoming the best version of themselves despite the situation. He becomes in control of the room and captivates the thoughts and hearts of the participants. – Miriam Martinez

How he presented the topic was absolutely breathtaking and left me thinking about a lot in life. – Carl Ralph Capuno

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  1. One of the people who bring out the best in you, Treats you with dignity and respect and is a shoulder you can lean on.

    In a working environment, he is the hardest worker in the room, has a fun personality, and demonstrates excellence in problem-solving skills.

    If you ever saw his name as the resource speaker and especially as the organizer, expect to have a great time because every event is unique and changes you as an individual.

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